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DR. Jennifer song Badaracco, O.D.



It's not uncommon for patients to remark, “Why can't all my doctors be as good as Dr. Jen?”

A large part of what patients love about Dr. Jen is the thoroughness of her eye exams. That and a warm and friendly demeanor, along with...

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It's not uncommon for patients to remark, “Why can't all my doctors be as good as Dr. Jen?”

A large part of what patients love about Dr. Jen is the thoroughness of her eye exams. That and a warm and friendly demeanor, along with a terrific sense of humor, make all of our patients feel comfortable in her expert care. Dr. Jen takes her time to make sure that you understand every step of what she's doing with you, and explains why it's important that it be done.

With a degree in biology from Queen's University, a Doctor of Optometry degree from Pennsylvania College of Optometry, and intensive training in complex ocular diseases, Dr. Jen has a wealth of experience to draw on. At the same time, she's constantly keeping up on the latest technology and equipment. Being new to Inman Park, she wants to continue to cultivate the environment where she has enough time to perform comprehensive examinations for each patient while maintaining a schedule where wait times are kept to the absolute minimum.

Dr. Jen is an up-beat person, who loves a good hike as much as a new restaurant.  When she gets the chance, she is out and about exploring Atlanta or playing with her pupper.

Dr. Song can be reached at jennifer@infocuseyes.com

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steven kintop, A.B.O.

Office Manager/ABO Licensed Optician


​For any and all questions about lenses, however elementary or esoteric, Steve is your go-to guy. He can and will explain the physics of optics in terms so clear and simple you'll wish he'd been your high school science teacher. He's...

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​For any and all questions about lenses, however elementary or esoteric, Steve is your go-to guy. He can and will explain the physics of optics in terms so clear and simple you'll wish he'd been your high school science teacher. He's spent plenty of time deep in the trenches of optical labs, and he's been ABO-certified since 2010, so you can trust his expertise when it comes to designing lenses to suit your unique needs and style.

Steve has been working at In Focus since it first got off the ground in 2009, and he has been indispensable in every part of its operation ever since. Even as the practice has expanded and our staff has grown, Steve has been an evergreen presence at the office and in the neighborhood, and our patients are delighted to see him every time they stop in.

In a perfect world Steve would have a dozen dogs, but at the moment his rescue mix Cooper is the lucky sole recipient of all of his training and attention. You can find him in costume at DragonCon with his girlfriend and her daughter, or cheering on the Green Bay Packers every day of his life as their number-one fan.

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Our Office


Medical Exams

More than a prescription!

When you come to In Focus Eye Center for an eye examination you will receive the highest quality care available utilizing the most modern diagnostic equipment available. Dr. Jennifer Song Badaracco is a highly trained doctor of optometry with years of experience and specializes in comprehensive family eye care and the medical management of eye disease.



Look good feel good.

The Optical Boutique is where you come to look good, feel comfortable and see great. Our large selection of designer frames ensures that we have the right look for you. Whether you are into the latest styles or on a tight budget, In Focus has frames for everyone. Using your prescription, our highly trained Optician will guide you through the process of choosing lenses that are customized for your lifestyle. If you want anti-reflective lenses to reduce eye-strain, transitions to protect your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays, or the latest free-form technology to reduce abberations and keep you seeing in Hi-Definition, the staff at In Focus Eye Center has all the information you need to know to make the decision of what lenses are right for you.



Generally speaking, we only use your health information within or outside of our office for things such as payment, treatment, or healthcare operations. For any other use we require your written authorization. There are limited situations where the law allows or requires us to disclose your health information without written consent, but if there is any doubt, our default action is to get your approval first.


➤ Setting up appointments

➤ Testing your eyes and keeping meticulous records

➤ Writing prescriptions for glasses, contacts or medications

➤ Helping you select glasses or contacts

➤ Referring you to other doctors or clinics

➤ Providing prescriptions or refill authorizations for medications to pharmacists

➤ Contacting you to let you know your glasses or contact lenses are ready

➤ Requesting records from professionals you have seen in the past.

Financial purposes:

➤ Inquiring about health or vision care plans, or other sources of payment

➤ Processing payments, preparing bills or trying to collect unpaid bills

➤ Handling bills or claims that are mailed, faxed, or sent electronically

Business purposes:

This represents the things we do to keep our office running, whether for internal quality assurance, personnel decisions, business plans, or sale of interest in the practice in which protected health information is transferred. Your health information is protected from sale for the purposes of marketing or fundraising automatically, unless you authorize its use in writing. Where required by Georgia law, we will ask for special written permission from you to release your personal information.

Without authorization:

There are limited situations where we are allowed or required to disclose your information without your permission. Some of these situations may not apply to your specific circumstances in our office:

➤ Health information reports mandated by state or federal law

➤ Public health - contagious disease reporting, investigation, or surveillance; notices to and from the FDA about drugs or other medical items

➤ Reporting suspected abuse, neglect, or domestic violence to authorities

➤ Disclosures for health oversight activities (licensing of doctors, audits by Medicare, investigation of possible healthcare law violations)

➤ Disclosures for law enforcement purposes

➤ Disclosures for assistance in identifying individuals

➤ Disclosures for health related research

➤ Uses and disclosures to prevent threat to health and safety

➤ Uses and disclosures for specialized government functions

➤ Disclosures relating to worker's compensation

➤ Disclosures to business associates who work with us and agree to keep your health information private

Other disclosures

Any other uses or disclosures of your health information will not be made unless you have signed an authorization form. You do not have to sign this form. If you do sign one, you may revoke the permission at any time unless we have already acted on its permission.

Your rights regarding your health information

➤ You can ask us to communicate with you in a confidential way. We will try to accommodate this request if it is reasonable, and if any extra cost is paid for.

➤ You have the right to restrict the release of health information to insurance companies or benefit plans when services are paid in full out-of-pocket – if we don't use your plan for payment of care, we will protect your information from them unless you authorize its release in writing.

➤ You may request electronic or paper copies of your health information. By law, there are a few situations (limited) where we can refuse to permit access or copying. You may have to pay for photocopies in advance. If your request is denied, a written explanation will be provided.

➤ You can ask to amend your health information if you have reason to believe it is incorrect or incomplete.

➤ You can ask for a list of disclosures we have made of your health information.

➤ You can get one such list per year without charge, otherwise they must be paid for in advance.

➤ You have the right to be notified in the event of a breach of the security of your personal health information. If you have any questions as to the ways in which we operate to protect your information, please ask. Every aspect of how we operate is designed with your information security as paramount.

Notice of Privacy Practices

We must abide by the terms of this Notice of Privacy Practices by law until we change it. We reserve the right to change this notice at any time in compliance with and as allowed by law. If we change this notice, it will apply to your health information already in our records, and future information generated in the future. If we change this Notice, copies will be available in our office and we will do our best to keep you informed.


We want you to know that we view the privacy of your health information as seriously as you do. However, if you feel that our efforts have not maintained your privacy to your satisfaction, please contact Dr. Jennifer Song Badaracco right away. If there is something we can do better, we would like the opportunity to start addressing that change as soon as possible.

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870 Inman Village Parkway NE Suite 3,

Atlanta, GA 30307

Phone. (404) 589-0822

Fax. (404) 589-4766